Summer Promotional Direct Mail

Mailer Options

High-quality direct mail from Harvest positions you as a leader in your market and helps you improve customer traffic and sales. We are the nation's premier experts at marketing bicycle retailers, because that's what we do full time for the nation's biggest and best retailers.

We have direct mail options for any US bicycle retailer. Fill out the No-Obligation Sign-Up Form to get started!

Key Features
  • Predesigned templates
  • Custom design options
  • Several mailer formats
  • Proprietary customer ranking
  • Proven coupon offers
  • Premium production quality
  • Unbeatable consultation
  • Barcoded coupon(s) for ROI tracking

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Order Deadline
Friday June 10, 2016
Design Options

We have predesigned two mailer themes to make your planning easy. One theme matches Trek sale graphics. The second theme can be adjusted with appropriate brand images and colors. Or we can design a unique custom theme just for your store at no extra cost. We are the preferred direct mail partner for Trek Bicycle Corporation, but we have access to brand assets for all major suppliers. 

Trek Sale

Summer Sale


Several Mailer Formats

Our mailer formats have been refined through years of testing and we have an option for virtually any bicycle retailer. Postcard mailers are affordable and effective. Each style of folding mailer offers a unique opportunity to promote product or attract customers in a new way.

Postcard Mailer Pricing



Size 9"x4" flat 9"x6" flat
Coupons 1 1-3
Product Images 0 0-6
1000-2499 $1.00 each $1.40 each
2500-4499 $0.90 each $1.20 each
5000-7499 $0.80 each $1.00 each
7500-9999 $0.70 each $0.90 each
over 10000 $0.60 each $0.80 each
Folding Mailer Pricing



Size 9"x12" folded 17"x4.25" folded
Coupons 1-5 2 (tear off)
Product Images 20 0
1000-2499 - $1.50 each
2500-4499 $1.40 each $1.30 each
5000-7499 $1.20 each $1.10 each
7500-9999 $1.00 each $0.95 each
over 10000 $0.90 each $0.85 each

Scheduled for in home delivery week of July 4. Custom in home dates may be available on qualifying orders.


Ordering & Delivery

Harvest is centrally located in Omaha, NE. This shipping map shows the projected delivery timelines to your market. We will work with you to select a ship date for your sale. We suggest you submit the sign-up form right away to learn more.



100% prepay with a credit card is required for all orders under $2,000. Orders over that amount may qualify for our payment plan pending credit approval. All payments or deposits must be in-hand before artwork is submitted to the printer.

Determining Your Mailing List

When you sign-up, Harvest will provide you with clear instructions on what data to export for your mailing list. Harvest will clean your mailing list to determine the deliverable quantity. You may choose to mail to the complete list or sort the list to a specific quantity in order to meet a pre-defined budget.

Exporting Customers From Ascend

We use a custom Ascend query and a proven customer ranking process to help you determine your mailing quantity, taking the guesswork out of finding the most likely buyers from your customer list.

Late Sign-Up & Approval

A rush charge of $300 will be added to all late orders and postage must be upgraded to First Class rates at an additional cost of $0.12 per card. These same fees may apply if artwork has been provided on orders but has not been approved before the artwork deadline. These fees are designed to keep all projects on schedule and Harvest will make every effort to help clients avoid additional costs. 

How the Process Works

Complete the no-obligation sign-up form and a representative from Harvest will contact you right away to interview you about your promotion, customer data and budget. Harvest will help you determine an accurate and effective mailing quantity and finalize your campaign cost. Then Harvest will efficiently collect the necessary information to make your campaign a success. We will do all of the work - putting you in an executive capacity so you can focus on the operational tasks such as ordering products, staff training and sale pricing required to make any promotion successful. Terms and Conditions

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