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We want to help you calculate an accurate return on investment (ROI) for your direct mail campaign. Trek Ascend dealers can use this query to export performance reports if the coupon sku was entered into the body of sales transactions. If you entered your coupon sku's using another technique please contact us for a custom query. Follow the steps below in order to begin the process. Send Harvest the query results and we will process your performance data for you, sending you a concise ROI Report to help you evaluate your campaign.




  1. From main screen in Ascend click: Tools > Advanced Database Functions > SQL Query
  2. Copy text from the attached TXT file and Paste into text box in SQL Query window
  3. Execute all follow-up prompts, entering the appropriate coupon codes from your campaign
  4. Acceptable export formats are CSV, XLS, & XLSX
  5. Email the exported files to Harvest for processing

Note: You need to run this query for each coupon code (sku). Do you have multiple locations? You need to run the query for each location.


Download File

Ascend ROI Query by Sku (TXT file)


Please contact Ryan if you have any questions or problems in running the report.