Promotional Direct Mail

Harvest Retail Marketing offers direct mail to support independent bicycle dealerships during nationwide promotions.

We offer powerful direct mail tools for successful bicycle dealers, providing return on investment tracking and expert marketing consulting. Harvest direct mail an effective marketing tool proven to bring customers into retailers ready to buy.

Each retailer is unique, so with Harvest we work in partnership with our clients to develop personalized sale details and offers. We offer an unparalleled level of expertise in helping independent dealers market nationwide promotions for their local brand.

Best-In-Class Customized Direct Mail
  • Available three times each year (custom dates upon request)
  • Several customizable mailer formats
  • Expert sale development consultation
  • Best-in-class planning, design and printing
  • Proprietary system to rank and sort customers
  • Barcoded coupon(s) for ROI tracking
  • No annual commitments
Efficiency Advantage

You benefit from volume pricing because your mailing will print alongside hundreds of thousands from other dealers. Your mailing will be customized for your business and we'll ship at the right time for your promotion.

Measurable Results

We integrate coupons into each mailing so you can easily and effectively measure your return on investment. Most campaigns feature barcode coupons to streamline your sales process. The more coupons customers bring in, the better the campaign.

Availability & Ordering

Mailers are available three times a year and are purchased on a per-promotion basis with no annual commitments. Complete the no-obligation sign-up form and a representative from Harvest will contact you right away to talk about your project, customer data and budget.


Order Period

In Homes


Spring Feb 8-Mar 4 After March 28 Capture Spring market share
Summer June 1-July 22 After July 18 Reduce inventory & drive cash
Holiday Oct 3-Nov 4 After November 28 Finish year with strong sales

For each promotion we design pre-formatted options to compliment graphics for national campaigns. If you would like to change lifestyle images, accent colors or text then we are happy to accommodate at no additional charge. Or we offer the ability to design completely custom sale theme as well.

See Our Direct Mail Design Gallery. Click Here >>

Shipping Timelines

Harvest is centrally located in Omaha, NE. This shipping map shows the projected delivery timelines to your market. We will work with you to select a ship date for your mailer.



100% prepay with a credit card is required for all orders under $10,000. Orders over that amount may qualify for our payment plan pending credit approval. All payments or deposits must be in-hand before artwork is submitted to the printer.

Determining Your Mailing List

When you sign-up, Harvest will provide you with clear instructions on what data to export for your mailing list. Harvest will clean your mailing list to determine the deliverable quantity. You may choose to mail to the complete list or sort the list to a specific quantity in order to meet a pre-defined budget.

Exporting Customers From Ascend

We use a custom Ascend query and a proven customer ranking process to help you determine your mailing quantity, taking the guesswork out of finding the most likely buyers from your customer list.

How the Process Works

Complete the no-obligation sign-up form and a representative from Harvest will contact you right away to talk about your project, customer data and budget. Harvest will help you determine an accurate and effective mailing quantity and finalize your campaign cost. Then Harvest will efficiently collect the necessary information to make your campaign a success. We will do all of the work - putting you in an executive capacity so you can focus on the operational tasks such as ordering products, staff training and sale pricing required to make any promotion successful. Terms and Conditions

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