Why work with Harvest instead of my local mail house?

We are more than just a direct mail printer. We offer printed and mailed materials on par with the best quality you can find anywhere in the country, but our real value comes from our expertise in working with bicycle retailers. We have proven systems for helping you sort and rank your customer lists, we’ve accumulated data on what offers work best for bicycle dealers, and we can help you utilize direct mail to continuously improve your marketing plans. We also deliver collateral materials for your website and email marketing to match your direct mail campaigns. We are the trusted partner of some of the nation’s largest bicycle dealers, and we want to be your partner as well.

Can I see samples of your work?

Absolutely. We put featured designs in an online gallery for easy review.

Which dealers does Harvest work with?

You can see a list of select clients on our Clients page. We work with these dealers in various capacities, anywhere from the occasional direct mail to complete 12 month marketing partner.

How often should I send direct mail?

We offer a number of options for bicycle retailers. Each mailer is timed to meet the demands of each season, and in many cases are aligned with national bike brands' sales and events. We believe that you should mail to your customers 2-6 times during the year depending on the size of your business, the intensity of your local competition and your growth objectives. Use direct mail to drive traffic at critical times of the year to capture as much of your customers' spending on bicycling as possible.

Who on my customer list should I mail to?

Simple answer, mail to the customers who are most likely to respond. How do you figure that out? That’s where we come in. We ask you to export your customer database with the addition of some customer performance data included. We have a proprietary system for sorting and ranking your customers to determine the customers who are most likely to respond. Once we have your list processed, we work with you to find a mailing quantity that meets your goals and budget.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, and it varies depending on the type of mailer you choose. The Basic and Deluxe mailers have a 1000 unit minimum, Select mailers have a 2500 unit minimum and the Premium mailer has a 5000 unit minimum. These minimums are in place for two reasons. First, because we print your cards using best-in-class offset press equipment, producing brilliant colors and premium appeal. There are setup costs for your job which make small print runs economically unfeasible. Second, with direct mail we’ve found that you need to mail to enough customers to generate substantial foot traffic in order to produce a positive ROI. We don’t want to sell you a direct mail that doesn’t have an excellent chance of turning a positive return on investment.

What percent ROI should I expect?

There is no set answer to this question, because your ROI depends on factors which we can control (such as mailing list, artwork, and coupons) and many that we can’t (such as weather, margin, and sales conversion rates). Our goal for every project is to reach break even at the very least, and we’ve seen ROI as high as 2700% with our best dealers. Achieve your best ROI by mailing to an efficient quantity, use our Deluxe or Premium platforms which feature multiple coupons, and train your sales team to convert sales and enter coupon data correctly.

How do you measure ROI?

We track sales that can be directly tied to each direct mail. Each mailer features coupons with barcodes. Each time a direct mail coupon is used on a transaction the coupon is scanned in order to tag the sale. After a sale, we send you a query which exports sales data from each transaction tagged with the coupon code(s). We then calculate your net sale on those transactions and compare that to the cost of your direct mail in order to generate an ROI.

How many mailers should I send?

There is no generic answer to this question because each dealer is unique. We help you determine the total mailable quantity of your mailing list and determine the quantity of customers on your list who are likely to respond to your mailers based on their sales history. We want you to mail to the highest number of premium customers as possible within your budget. Because, as with all marketing tools, you only convert sales on a portion of your total quantity, you are encouraged to mail to as many premium customers as possible in order to maximize your ROI potential.

How much customization is included in the unit cost?

Our pricing includes full customization. So whether you only want to slightly modify and customize Trek approved artwork or whether you want something completely unique, your cost is the same.

Do you offer terms?

In general we require 100% pre-payment on all orders as a way of keeping our unit costs down. On orders over 10,000 units you can complete a credit application and apply for terms on your order balance. In all cases, a minimum deposit of 60% is due before your order is initiated.