Manage your Data for Maximum ROI

Great retail marketers know that a well-managed database will generate more sales at a lower cost than any other marketing practice. Get the most out of your marketing by maintaining a clean database and learning how to mine essential data from it.

To ensure your database can be used as a tool to positively impact the bottom line, the information contained in it must be up to date, clean and relevant.

Clean data allows sophisticated marketers to:

  • Target customers most-likely to respond to specific promotions
  • Create long-term marketing relationships with customers
  • Offer varied messages to different consumers in a single campaign
  • Increase knowledge for future campaign planning

Harvest will help you generate highly effective customer lists, develop customer modeling tools to target new and existing customers more efficiently, and integrate your database into your marketing tools.

Your challenge is to make sure that you bring the best data possible to every marketing project.

It is essential that you train your front line staff to keep customer data accurate and clean. Peak marketing efficiency requires that data be reviewed on a continuous basis to ensure the accuracy of each customer profile.

Best practices for bicycle retailers include:

  • Train staff on entering correct and consistent customer information
  • Incentivizing staff for complete data entry
  • Calling or emailing customers at regular intervals to verify information
  • Maintain consistent data fields
  • Consistently enter coupon code information in correct field

In summary, your database is a powerful tool for improving the long-term effectiveness of your marketing. Managing your data is a low cost best practice that all great retailers realize has the potential to directly drive bottom line growth.

Your Harvest account representative will consult with you individually to evaluate your data, refine your data management practices, develop customer models for generating lists, and run reports to track the effectiveness of your marketing.