Harvest ROI Toolkit

Track profits with our ROI Toolkit

Harvest puts you in control by giving you the hard facts about what works and doesn't work in your marketing. The ideal choice in an industry where every dime counts.

Direct mail that utilizes coupons comes with built-in empirical proof of its contribution to your bottom line. At any given moment you can produce a report that shows if a direct mail program is earning its keep, and by how much.

Three key factors for determining the success

Redemption Rate

How many customers responded to your promotion by redeeming a coupon? The number is measured as a percentage and is a key indicator of the effectiveness of your promotion and the relevance of your message to your target audience. We measure the conversion rate for each promotion and use this as a key metric in evaluating performance and determining strategy.

Average Net Sale

How much money did you make from each customer who responded to your message? While you are ultimately most concerned about the total net sale, the average number is a better indicator for determining the relevance of your marketing. We offer an advanced selection of coupon choices and sophisticated A/B testing to increase your average net sale for each campaign.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Did your marketing work? We can answer that very valuable question. We give you the tools to track your ROI and help you evaluate the results so you can continually improve. Marketing is an investment, not an expense. At least that is the way you will feel after we empower you with the ability to track every dollar you make with your next Harvest campaign.

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