Sustainable Direct Mail

Well planned, designed, and produced direct mail made from recycled or sustainably harvested forestry can be an effective and sustainable marketing tool.

As businesses have tried to learn what it means to market sustainably there have been shifting perceptions towards using printed materials in promotions.

Nationally, sustainable marketing is becoming more defined and there is now a clear understanding of how to conduct direct mail campaigns sustainably.

Marketers and consumers now understand that measuring the environmental footprint of marketing is more complex then originally perceived. Even the seemingly innocuous email marketing requires constantly humming servers and computers that burn energy and used substantial resources in their production and transport.

In practice, sustainable direct mail is an ideal tool for environmentally responsible marketers. You now precisely what physical and monetary resources you are investing in each project, your can precisely target your audience, and you can accurately measure the results.

Key elements of sustainable direct mail:

Good data management and list hygiene

When you strive for a clean database then you limit the waste generated in undelivered mail. When your database is accurate then you are able to effectively target your customers so that they receive relevant sale messages. Everyone benefits from reduced waste, relevant promotions, and improved response.

Mail design and production

Printing and mailing are a science, and the right partners can help you reduce waste to save resource use and save money. By sizing direct mail to efficiently use space on a printer’s sheet you can eliminate unnecessary waste. By finding printers that use soy-based inks and have well documented recycling programs for waste paper and used offset plates you can go a long way to improving the sustainability of your campaign.

Paper choice

Recycled papers now cost and perform on par with non-recycled papers. By using recycled paper with a high percentage of Post Consumer Waste (PCW) you can breath more life into each tree used for paper production. The pinnacle in sustainable printing is the use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved paper products. These products ensure that from the harvesting of the tree to printing on the final sheet the process is conducted with sustainable practices.

Encourage recycling

Ask your customers to recycle on all of your direct mail promotions or share the coupons with friends. You are using direct mail because you have an important and relevant message to share with them. You share their desires to reduce waste and limit environmental footprint.

In summary, there are proven methods for conducting direct mail campaigns in a sustainable manner. Choose partners for your direct mail campaigns that understand and respect these messages so that you can ensure that your business is always striving for a small environmental footprint.