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HRM_EmailSUB_102313-1This has been a slow year in bicycle retail. Depending on where you are at for your year you are probably counting on a strong December to either make up ground or put you over the top for your goal.

If you have a well thought out and well executed marketing plan then you are giving your business every opportunity to do just that. Whereas dealers who are simply sitting back and trusting that customers are going to come in on their own or respond to a half-­hearted marketing effort are leaving their December purely to chance.

The Holiday Sale can represent a big opportunity for your business, and we want to help. We have two new direct mail options for the sale which you should consider.

Plastic Postcards

Feature a unique detachable plastic coupon card. With an eye-catching design and substantial weight this card can't be missed in your customers' mailboxes. We have two stock designs ready for you to customize or you can have a completely custom design.

Lite Postcards

As a response to a down market and shrinking budgets we have a new more affordable mailer. This card is the same size as the proven Basic card, but by reducing the amount of customization Harvest has been able to reduce the cost.

Your store has unique needs, which is why we want to talk with you about your options. Please setup a no-obligation consultation and allow us to explain how direct mail can help you finish your year with a great December.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.