10 Tips For Better Facebook Engagement

The overall time on site has dropped a bit for 2013, but Facebook still holds the record for the most amount of people spending the most amount of time on any website, ever. It's a captive audience that is just waiting for your messaging, if it's engaging and timely. Many of our clients do a fantastic job of communicating with their Facebook fans, others find it a bit daunting. I've included a very helpful infographic that outlines how simple it can be to create content that will engage your fans, encourage shares and get more Likes.

I'm going to expand on two of the points below but if your ADD is kicking up, scroll down for the goods.

Number 4

While I agree with the  infographic, I also think that bike retailers don't engage with a question enough. The relationship with a bike shop is more personal and immediate than, say a grocery store. You are bonded by a common interest, expand on that. For example: Post a photo of a fresh build and include, "What do you think of the new Shimano Ultegra 6800, do we need 11-speeds?" It's a pointed enough question to garner an opinion but not controversial enough to create a mess on your page. And remember, like momma said, don't bring up Religion or Politics.

Number 10

This is similar to, but not the same as, asking a question. We'll take the same example of an 11-speed Ultegra build. Post the photo and "11 Speeds! Tell us what part of your ride could benefit from an extra gear or two in the comments." Again you share a common interest with your fans and are mining for responses but this type of engagement is more open-ended. Both of these techniques are easy additions to almost any Status Update and will encourage comments which post the Post rating keeping it in the News Feed longer which, of couse, equals more eyes on your content!