3 Ways to Enhance Your Marketing Toolkit

Marketing ToolkitHave you been searching to find the perfect marketing formula for your next promotion? Especially in this year's bike market, it can seem overwhelming.

Every bike shop faces an ever-changing barrage of opportunities and challenges. Did you see this new cool tool? What are your analytics saying about your last promotion? Oh look we’ve increased our reach…oh wait there’s a big drop in conversion. It’s a revolving door of trial, error, success, and sifting through new tools and channels to create your next successful strategy.

We get it. There are more options than time. So how do you bulletproof your marketing campaigns without spending your entire life sifting through all the pieces?

Enhancing your marketing may not be a perfect science, but there are a few key factors you can count will ensure your maximum success.

1) Keep promotions simple, clear and enticing.

If it’s easy to understand and has clear value then your customers will LOVE it. If it’s confusing, too many steps, a visual catastrophic mess and an empty offer, your customers will ignore it.

2) Use multiple marketing channels

If you have a customer address list, email list, social media pages, blog and website don’t limit the ways to engage with customers by keeping your marketing promotions exclusive to one or two outlets.

Send a mailer to your best customers and prospects. Send a variation of emails, highlight the promotion on your blog, post an ad on your website that clicks through to your promotion site, regularly post on your social media accounts at various times and get employees talking about it on their social pages.

3) Create marketing momentum

We don’t believe in one hit wonders. Proof has shown from one promotion to the next there is great power in creating momentum with customers. Launch a campaign…and you guessed it, launch another. Alternate discount driven promotions, with product giveaways and sweepstakes to keep your customers continuously engaged on your media channels throughout the year. Consistency in launching promotions maintain’s conversations with customers and provides you a continuous way to make small adjustments to improve your ROI from one promotion to the next.

There is no standard formula to attain marketing perfection, but you can set your marketing calendar up for success by keeping a few solid things in place when planning. Keep your message simple, use multiple channels and build momentum with consistent action!

About The Author

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.