Best Time Of Day To Send An Email

A recent article published by Adweek takes a closer look into the best time of day to send and email. The data they collected shows email volume, unique click & open rates, percentage of volume and transaction rate.

We find this information useful. Not only do we help several Trek dealers with their email marketing, but in our consulting work we are often asked when the best time to send emails is. The answer to that question is always changing, and this data shows for open rate at least the results are actually pretty flat throughout the week. It is if you are selling online that the time is most essential.


As you can see from the chart below people respond better to marketing messages on the weekends when volume is lowest. The number of unique clicks and unique opens is highest on Saturday and Sunday.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 2.04.57 PM

Transaction rate follows this same trend. Transaction rates are highest between 8pm and 12am, which is the time of day when the email volume is at its lowest.

email time chart

This data is important to take into consideration when deciding what day and time to send your email. Being strategic about your send times can help increase your open and click rates and make your emails more successful.

Targeting the ideal time to send is always important. But we also encourage you not to be overly focused on the perfect time. The most important part is that you stay regularly engaged with your customers. So get to work on your next email and just hit send. Your customers will be glad to hear from you.