How To Use Instagram To Reach Your Customers

A new survey published in Business Insider shows that the younger generation is getting bored of Facebook and turning to alternative social media platforms such as Instagram. Although we don't think Facebook will ever be obsolete we do recommend coming up with creative ways to market to your customers who use these platforms.

Andrew Nesypor from the Trek Store of Downers Grove recently ran a very successful Instagram contest during the month of February. The theme was "I <3 My Bike" and the goal was for people to upload a photo of themselves with their bike and tag it with the tags #trekstore_dg and #trekstore_nv to be eligible to win a free tune up.

The response that they got was pretty remarkable; several people participated from all over the globe. This contest created great buzz throughout the Instagram community and with the use of tags, they were able to reach their customers as well as cyclists all around the world. This was a simple contest that yielded great results and it shows that there are creative ways to market to your customers by using nontraditional advertising.

Click here to take a look at other brands that have mastered the use of Instagram in their marketing plan. The key to success is relating to your customers through your photos and sharing at what happens at your store.  Have your mechanics or sale’s people snap some photos in their free time and upload them to you store’s account.