New Facebook Graph Search

Facebook recently released a new search function called the Graph Search. This new tool connects Facebook users with popular people, places, brands and interests. The search function ranks the results based on engagement and relationships with a user’s friends.

If this new function gains steam and functions as promised, then it changes the way brands should interact with their Facebook fans. A brand's goal will be less about getting the most amount of “Likes” but instead the goal will be to increase engagement and the sense of community with followers. In return, the network of people connected with a brand's followers should have an increased likelihood of discovering the brand using the Facebook search.

How It Works

When a Facebook user types in a search term, “Bike Shop” for example, the bike shops that are most popular with the user’s friends will appear first. Brands gain popularity by the number of likes as well as engagement. Social engagement is measured by the amount of shares, comments, posts and photos. All existing posts and activity will feed into the search function and appear in the results.

Our Opinion On Beta Version

Facebook’s Graph search is in a very limited beta program and we recently gained access. The search results within Facebook have improved over the existing system, but we experienced mixed results in our initial test searches. We saw inconsistent results and it was difficult to see the connection between the results and known engagement patterns. We'll certainly keep testing and researching to make sure that Trek dealers stay at the top the search rankings.

This new function is intended help Facebook users discover content and brands that are more relevant to them. So if you want your store to stay relevant in the changing search landscape, at a minimum you should be sure to maintain your Facebook page and update it frequently to increase relevance and keep fans engaged. No more ignoring it, because you may appear less relevant than you really are because you aren't actively engaged with your followers.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.