Most Enticing Offers From Leisure Trends Group

A recent study done by the Leisure Trends Group polled the Most Active Americans Panel (MAAP) about what promotions are most enticing to bring them into a store. As you can see from the chart below, discounts and lower prices are the most popular reason a customer would go to a store this holiday season followed by package deals and clinics.

This information can help you create marketing initiatives that your customers are excited about for 2013. In the study done by the Leisure Trends Group, respondents were asked to “pretend you are in charge of your favorite outdoor specialty store. What promotion, package, event, etc. would you create to drive people like yourself into the store for the holiday season?” The responses included:

  • “I enjoy special events like a celebrity guest or skills-based clinic.”
  • “Intro clinics to sports to give people a taste of the different activities available outside.”
  • “New product introduction with experts from the manufactures and demo rides.”
  • “Setups and lessons for beginners in a variety of sports. A different sport and special equipment package each weekend.”
  • “Something to appeal to both newcomers and veterans alike. Free basic and advanced clinics allowing the customer hands on time with equipment/services that focus on products in store.”

This information gives insight into what your best customers want from you. Special events and clinics are both great ways to encourage customers to come to your store. Consider hosting demos or clinics at your store to teach people about the latest technology, mechanics, and beginner riding lessons to increase your customers’ overall understanding and appreciation of cycling. Educational clinics that focus on maintenance for example, teach customers how to perform simple tasks on their bike and encourage them to purchase the new products they used during the clinic. This is a perfect way to increase sales while strengthening relationships with customers and connecting with them on a more personal basis.

Use this valuable information to give your customers the type of marketing they want to see. Bringing more customers into your store and creating a fun and educational shopping environment are attainable goals, contact us to learn how we can help.