Merchandise Your Store For Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is approaching and we want to help you prepare for a profitable season. This time of year we are in an all out sprint preparing external marketing for Trek dealers - direct mail, email, social media, advertising, etc. All of these projects have the goal of bringing customers into the store.

As the marketing blitz is preparing to hit your market, you should take some time to build your store’s internal marketing, your visual merchandising plan.

Among Harvest's clients, one of the best visual merchandisers is Andrew Nesypor, Visual Manager at the Trek Stores of Downers Grove and Naperville. Andrew goes the extra mile, with world class window displays that carry over into the rest of the store.

Andrew reminds us that customers, both new visitors to loyal customers, need their shopping experience to be easy and enjoyable - especially during the holiday season. He is creating a special ‘stocking stuffer’ table in a high traffic area of the store where customers can easily grab and bundle their gifts.

With Andew’s help, we built this list of three important elements to your visual merchandising plan.


Coordinate your external and internal marketing messages. Are you sending a direct mail or email? Make sure that your store signage features the same graphics, colors and products shown in your communications.

Remember that customers are visiting dozens of retailers this holiday season. They are used to seeing the best retailers creating in-store shopping environments that are consistent with their holiday advertising. Don’t let your customers down - learn from the mall retailers and create a consistent in-store experience.


Approach your store with a fresh set of eyes and ask yourself how your customer sees your doors, landing zone, cash wrap and fixtures. Plan your signage and displays accordingly.

If you are going to display popular gift ideas then do something creative like displaying in stockings or arranged with wrapped gifts. Maybe even pre-wrap some of your most popular items and save your customers a step. Some dealers build suggested gift packages around themes like ‘flat repair’, ‘bicycle maintenance’ or ‘bicycle nutrition’.

Whatever you choose to do, try to make it interesting for your customers. Avoid boring or misplaced ‘window dressing’.


An entryway sign is a great way to be sure every customer coming through the door knows where to find the deals. This can be as simple as a bulletin board with some printouts pinned to it. But an easel or poster holder are a good investment. If you are having a sale and want success, don’t fret about the small additional expense of printing a poster.

Don’t forget the essentials. Place signage around your store highlighting the items you have on sale or suggested gift ideas. It is always a challenge placing effective sale signage without making the store look cluttered, which is one reason that we often suggest category discounts so you can merchandise an entire section one one sign.

At Harvest, we are committed to helping Trek dealers succeed this holiday season. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to help.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.