Freebies Win With Customers

The checklist that goes into promoting a sale or in-store event can sometimes be long and tedious. Besides getting the basics lined up — product and displays — there’s signage to consider, along with marketing messages like email blasts and social media posts.

Once those items are checked off, consider going the extra mile — providing shoppers or event attendees with a free gift. We’re talking pint glasses, bottle openers, cycling caps, water bottles and more. (You probably just did some quick math in your head, and it involved subtracting a big chunk of profit from the event. While it’s true you’ll spend more on the event itself, you’ll be sending customers or attendees home with something they’ll probably keep for a long time.)

Consider the upcoming cyclocross season as an example. The ‘cross scene is getting bigger and bigger with every passing season, and it’s easy to take advantage of it. If you’re sponsoring a race, do more than just provide prizes — send a crew to the course with a tent and repair stand and provide last-minute mechanical help. (And maybe fire up the grill, while you’re at it.)

Kick it up a notch and supply your support crew with custom-printed bottle openers or cowbells. When racers and spectators stop by to say hi (or for a quick brake adjustment), hand them a cowbell. Pretty soon you’ll be hearing cowbells all over the course — and your name will be on every one of them. Cyclocross racers are well-known for their fondness of a post-race beer, too — help them crack a cold one with a branded bottle opener.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.