Foursquare for Bike Shops

As a business owner, expanding your customer base is always a high priority. Traditional marketing is a proven way to bring customers in the door, but alternative forms of marketing should not be overlooked. Location-based social networking sites such as Foursquare are gaining popularity all over the country.

Foursquare is a mobile application that allows your customers to “check-in” to your store and shares their location, tips, and photos that will appear on their profile as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages. Foursquare users compete to gain badges and mayorships that increase their status in the online Foursquare community. A new badge was released earlier this year called “Velocipede.” A Foursquare user will receive this badge after they check-in to their local bike shop ten times.

Besides encouraging customers to check-in to receive the badge, there are several other ways enhance your store’s presence on this new form of social media.

Be Creative with Foursquare Deals

When people login to the Foursquare app they are alerted about nearby deals. Posting compelling offers can bring new customers into your store. You don’t always have to give products away for free; get creative and offer a free bike rental day for the mayor or create a contest and select a winner from the people who have recently checked-in. Here are some other ideas:

  • Newbie Special- Free store water bottle on your first check-in
  • Check-in Special- 5% off accessories when you check-in
  • Loyalty Special- Get a free tube every 3rd check-in
  • Mayor Special- Mayor gets a free bike tune-up

Encourage People to Leave Foursquare Tips

Post a small sign at the checkout counter or include a topic in your email blasts that encourages satisfied customers to leave tips about your business. When new customers check-in they will be able to learn more about the products and services your business offers. (Need help with signs? Let us know and we can help.)

Highlight Promotions in the “Tips” Section

Let your Foursquare fans in on exclusive deals by posting sale information in the Tips section. This will keep your customers checking in each time they visit your store.

Since Foursquare automatically links to Facebook and Twitter, your customers are indirectly advertising for your store. Every time someone checks-in, all of their friends and followers will be notified which will increase the awareness of your store and bring in new customers. It doesn’t cost anything to set up a Foursquare account for your business and there is very little maintenance. It’s a great way to give your business a presence in the online and mobile community.

What’s the first step?

Your store might already have a Foursquare page that you don’t even know about. Foursquare users have the ability to create pages for any nearby location. As a business owner you can login to Foursquare and claim your business to begin enhancing the page. Claiming your business allows you to have administrative control over what gets posted to your page and the authority to post special offers.