Cash Mobs Promote Local Businesses

As “National Cash Mob Day” approaches the buzz about this new phenomenon has been spreading across the Internet.  So what is a cash mob anyway?

Similar to a “Flash Mob” where a group of people get together at a predetermined location and perform a choreographed routine or event, a “Cash Mob” is a group of people getting together to shop at a local business.  This stimulates the local business and brings the community together.

Cash mobs came about when a blogger from New York asked the question, "Why do people need a Groupon or Living Social deal to shop at a local business?"  He assembled a group of people who met at a local business to surprise them and show support.  The news of this quirky event spread through Facebook and Twitter and cash mobs started popping up all over the country.

Cash mobs bring strangers together for a good cause.  Local businesses typically double their sales when a cash mob appears.  It’s a great way to encourage the community to buy local and support local businesses.

Organizing a cash mob in your community is possible with a little creativity and communication.  The first step is to choose an independently owned local shop. It could be a small business that has been struggling through the economic crisis or a brand new shop that needs to grow its business.  Decide if you want to ask them for permission to bring in a large group of people or if you want to surprise them.  Keep in mind some small business won’t have enough products to supply a large group of people; in order to make sure things go smoothly it is considerate to warn the business owner ahead of time.  The next step is to spread the news.  Use social media to get the word out and get people interested, use word of mouth, flyers, or newspapers, anything that reaches people in the community.

What can your shop do? You could reach out to local cash mob organizers and ask for support. But it would be better if you offered to help. Involve your staff with a cash mob, everyone can wear something with your logo on it so it brings attention to the fact that you support local business. Supporting the “mobbed” business shows your commitment to the community.

National Cash Mob Day is May 25th, so far there are 35 official cash mobs planned and several other smaller events around the country.  This new type of event is a win-win for the community and for all types of business owners.