The Joy of Saving With Coupons

While reading about JC Penney’s recent brand reformation I came across several interesting comments from shoppers who are disappointed in Penney’s decision to no longer offer coupons. They said they enjoy the thrill they get from saving money.

The joy of finding a sale or a great coupon makes people happy. It makes them feel as if they found an exclusive deal. In an online news article about Penney’s one shopper said that she bought a pair of pants full price for $30 but she would have been happier if the pants were $40 and she had a $10 off coupon. This made me wonder why people prefer finding an exclusive deal instead of everyday low prices. With retailers constantly offering reward programs, sales and coupons, people have gotten used to thinking that they should never pay full price. The idea is that if you have to pay full price, you aren’t getting the best deal— you can always find a way to get a discount.

Consumers have come to rely upon coupons. They plan their shopping based on when they know coupons will appear in the newspaper or in the mail. They may browse but not actually purchase products until they have a coupon or it goes on sale.

Some go above and beyond, as seen on TLC’s new show, “Extreme Couponing” where people make it their full-time job to find coupons and spend as little as possible. They only buy products that are on sale and that they have a coupon for, and sometimes they end up spending no money at all or actually get money back. So they get paid for “couponing.” There is an online community of “couponers” who talk about their savings and share tips on how to get the best deal. It’s a lifestyle that is becoming popular.

Coupons make people feel better about their purchases. Many stores tell customers how much they saved when they check out, this validates the consumers ambition to save. I recently went shopping and my savings were double the amount I spent. It’s rewarding to see how much I was able to save and it made me feel good about using coupons.

These days people are more cautious about the money they spend and are motivated to do what it takes to find a great deal. Sending coupons to consumers encourages them to shop because they know they are getting a good deal. Coupons can engage consumers with your store and help you build a relationship with them.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.