Surveys Stress Value of Direct Mail

Is your shop taking advantage of direct mail? If not, you might be missing out on a big opportunity.

Recent marketing surveys reveal the crucial role direct mail plays in the multichannel marketing mix.

The first study conducted by marketing analysis firm Brand Science analyzed the performance of 260 marketing campaigns across all industry sectors. It found that combining direct mail with other channels increases campaign payback by up to 20 percent. The study also revealed that online and outdoor marketing channels achieved the highest rates of success when integrated with direct mail.

The second study found that nearly half of consumers are prompted to visit a company's website because of direct mail they received. The survey, conducted by GI Insight, found that 47 percent of consumers visited a website after receiving a promotional direct mail piece. The figure rises to 53 percent for the 18 to 24 group.

GI Insights managing director believes the survey results affirm the case for mail. "These findings clearly demonstrate that direct mail is still a powerful tool. Mail plays a pivotal role in any business's efforts to contact consumers - despite increasing use of email and regardless of the channel that consumers choose to actually purchase through."

Source: Deliver Magazine

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

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