Well-Crafted Email Marketing Works

A friend has an email address she uses specifically for marketing messages from retailers. She reasoned that she didn’t want her inbox clogged with a torrent of emails proclaiming, “SALE SALE SALE!”

That setup is a response to retailers who are sending marketing emails because they think they should. Hey, everybody else is doing it, right?

Those retailers are correct — sort of. They absolutely should be reaching out to their customers. But it needs to help engage those customers and draw them into the store, be it brick-and-mortar or online.

So many retailers are treating their email campaigns as just something they need to do, as opposed to a valuable tool for drawing in customers and boosting sales.

It starts with the message. Offering something as “on sale” isn’t enough — things are on sale somewhere all the time. A well-crafted email campaign needs to be compelling. It has to make your customers say, “Oh, cool!” or “I’ve been needing one of those.”

And it needs to look good, too. The best messages don’t let recipients skip past them when they arrive in an inbox. Let the look of the message draw your customers in so they’ll want to read the text. A big pile of text alone isn’t going to do it.

Finally, it needs to be timely. Is cool weather on the way? Why not promote some of your fall apparel? Is there a big local ride in two weeks? Help your customers stock up on the essentials. By referencing a coming event or season, you can help your message reach its intended audience.

By doing that, you’ll be making the most of your email marketing efforts. And you’ll keep your messages away from that special email address.


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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.