Using Social Media to Promote Direct Mail Campaigns

It’s the new conventional wisdom — your direct mail pieces should point customers to your branded website and social media account. But maybe it's time to flip the script, and try using social sites like Facebook and Twitter to drum up anticipation for your direct mail campaigns.

In her new e-book “Social Media 4 Direct Marketers,” author Debra Ellis views online and offline messaging as different sides of the same coin. Scoffing at the notion that modern marketing is “all about the conversation,”

“Social media allows a wonderful opportunity to talk to customers one-on-one,” Ellis says, “but if we’re only chatting about the weather, how do we move them into the sales cycle? The only thing that motivates the customer is a need or perceived need.”

So instead of squandering those valuable social conversations, Ellis advises businesses to use Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to push their direct mail campaigns.

“Throw in a comment about your direct mail pieces,” Ellis says. “Instruct the people in your community to sign up to receive your mailer, then count down the days until that piece is in the mail. You could even go to the point of creating a YouTube video of the products presented in your direct mail piece so people get an interest.”

Ellis says scenarios like this represent the future of marketing. Marketers are starting to realize that multichannel messaging is infinitely more valuable.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.