Countdown to Trek Fest - Final E-Marketing Plan

You are in the final days of preparation for Trek Fest. With all of the things on your to-do list, how are you going to make time for marketing?

Keep your life simple, here is a basic plan for getting your message out. You can do all of the work this week so that while you enter the weekend of the sale you can focus on your in-store experience.

Your Website

Get a Trek Fest graphic front and center on your homepage with the dates for the event. Support the homepage graphic with text and images with the essential details that will drive customers into the store. A graphic on your homepage isn't going to make or break the sale, but it will make certain that any visitors to your site are aware that there is something special happening during the event.

Do you have time to put in a little extra effort? If so, build a custom page supporting the sale as well. Consider showing some images of product that you have on sale with special prices. Maybe even include a downloadable coupon that visitors can bring in during the sale.

Your Email Marketing

Most email marketing providers let you build emails and schedule them to send at a future date. Build all of your sale emails this week and schedule them for the appropriate time. You should send a preliminary email this week letting your customers know that there is a special event right around the corner.

Then, schedule emails for the week of the sale. The first email should go out the day before the sale and include in the subject line "Starts Tomorrow!". Then schedule at least one more email for the final Friday of the sale and include in the subject line "Final Weekend!".

The content in the emails doesn't have to vary much, but you could consider putting something special in each email to encourage users to open them. Downloadable coupons work well.

Your Social Media

The quickest way to keep your social network full of content is to make sure you email marketing platform is configured to automatically post content to your social media accounts as well. You can check off two items at once, which will come in handy for last minute planners.

Also consider posting more personalized notes about your event, maybe even take some pictures of closeout bikes or a well-stocked sale rack to show your followers what is waiting for them at the store.


This shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to pull off. Set aside the time to do it this week so you don't have to stress about it as the sale gets closer.

If you worked with Harvest to send a direct mail promoting the event then please feel free to call us with any last minute questions.

Good luck with your sale!

About The Author

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.