2010 Mail Marketing Success Stories

In 2010 Harvest sent several hundred thousand individual direct mails on behalf of bicycle dealers across the country. Every dealer had unique needs and therefore received a customized project. Many dealers took advantage of our FREE ROI REPORTING and so were able to learn their successes and opportunities.

Here are 3 standouts from our review of ROI reports from 2010.

Great Coupon Mix Yields 630% ROI

During our holiday sale mailing, a multi-store dealer in the southeast send 15,000 Premium direct mails to a select list of their existing customers. This dealer has a history of tracking coupon performance, and was able to develop an effective mix of 3 coupons for the mailer. One coupon offered free accessories with qualifying bike purchases, a second offered $10 off any purchase over $50, and a third gave a 25% discount on any jersey and short combination. This coupon mix had a good conversion rate, meaning there were a good percentage of customers who redeemed coupons, and an excellent average sale. As a result, there was a high ROI on the campaign. By closely analyzing the data, Harvest was also able to help the dealer recognize opportunities between their stores on how to improve performance on future campaigns.

Free Gift Brings Customers in Ready to Buy

Another dealer participating in our holiday sale mailing, this time a large multi-store dealer in the southwest sent 30,000 Premium direct mails to a select list of existing customers and some targeted prospects. This dealer included as one of their 3 coupons a FREE standard inner tube, with no minimum purchase. The idea was to get customers into the store for the tube and let the sales team convert additional sales from the increased traffic. The gamble paid off. Each of the hundreds of customers who redeemed the free tube coupon had an average NET sale of $26. When this result was combined with the other coupons, this dealer had a very profitable direct mail campaign.

Direct Mail and Email Together a Magic Formula

During our 2010 July mailing, a successful dealer in the midwest sent 6000 Deluxe direct mails to a select list of existing customers. The direct mail featured 3 coupons which we tracked. Harvest also helped coordinate an email marketing campaign to match the direct mail, and each email also featured a downloadable coupon. When the dust settled and all coupon returns were tracked, this dealer's well-coordinated marketing campaign yielded an astonishing 766% ROI.

You can be a 2011 success story!

These dealers all saw success because they were willing to engage with Harvest in the process of targeting the right customers, designing an effective campaign, and then following up with ROI tracking. Each of these dealers has done multiple campaigns and therefore is able to compare performance across promotions in order to continually improve.

Contact Harvest today to learn more about our Mail Marketing products. Your next opportunity to participate is approaching fast, so act now.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.