Retailer's Wish List for the Holidays

The countdown for the holidays is nearly over. Christmas lights are going up around the city, while stores and restaurants are adorning their doors, aisles  and employees with holiday marketing ideas and opportunities for consumers.

As businesses, how we choose to approach seasons of opportunity tells a lot about our goals, short term and long term, and our needs as business.

Is your marketing equipped with the tools to set you apart from competitors, increase sales and reposition you for 2011? Next weekend marks the official start of the holiday shopping season.

To help you succeed, we've compiled this Wish List for your business.

When the 2010 holiday season closes and you’ve unwrapped your results, what will you be left with (or what could you be left with) to take into 2011?

1) Active customers

Are your marketing outreaches engaging and activating your customers driving traffic, sales and increased reach? It can be. Engage your current customers to increase brand loyalty and give them a reason to be their first choice for holiday spending.

2) New customers

This season fill your holiday stockings with new customers, new data, and unique consumer behavior. Don’t just press for increased traffic, convert interested consumers into customers.

3) A social media holiday

Take advantage of word of mouth marketing on social networks by leveraging the influence of your current customers to raise awareness of deals, services, specials, etc in your outreaches. A friend referral is powerful, infuse your messages with invitations for your customers to share with friends.

4) Identify your influencers

Find them, then target and reward them. This holiday season is the perfect time to identify the influencers and brand evangelizers within your customer database.

5) Engage your ROI

Don’t wait till the season is over to know your return and marketing response. Track it step by step and make adjustments to increase and support your campaign’s response. There’s no need to wait and weep over reports later…monitor, adjust and celebrate a successful season.

6) Get everyone involved

Customers, consumers, and employees can all be a part of your holiday outreaches. Rewards those who carry influence and bring returns to you and highlight them. A little recognition goes a long way. Create campaigns that have short lives and instantly reward and highlight the winners on your blogs, social sites and in store to encourage future consumer engagement.

There's still time to get a holiday inspired direct mail into the hands of your customers during December. Contact us right away and find our more.

About The Author

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.