Spark Your Customers’ Imagination

We got a card in the mail this week from a home improvement store. The cover of the card stated: “Get your next project started.” Inside was a ten dollar gift card labeled “FREE $10 Project Starter.”

Normally when I get a gift card, I think about what can buy for that exact amount. This time was different. My first thought was about the compost bin I need to build.

Why was that?

The store had carefully crafted the wording of their card to make me think about my home improvement projects. They had helped me think big.

Think Big

If you frame your customer’s expectations on something small, they’ll buy exactly that. If the gift card had shown me pictures of ten dollar items, I would have gone with my typical thought and bought something for the exact price of the gift card. However, they set my sights on the big picture. Your business should do the same.

If your store can meet a customer’s big needs, surely you can handle the little things as well. Focusing on the big picture will essentially up-sell some customers and still give you the safety net of those that fall back to smaller purchases.

Think Possibilities

You want your customers to think about all the wonderful experiences they can have or bike projects they can start with your help. Your coupons can be a helpful reminder for them to act on their ideas right away.

Get your customers thinking about possibilities by addressing their current situations, pain points, or responsibilities in your marketing.

Start Sparking

To successfully spark your customers’ imagination, you have to know what they dream about. This knowledge only comes when you find out exactly what kind of customers you have. Take that familiarity with customers and use it to your advantage!

About The Author

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.