Direct Mail On The Rise

All too often marketers blindly deride direct mail as junk mail. They don’t see it as cutting edge marketing and prefer to chase after the endless promises of newer technology. But the fact is, direct mail works, and successful marketers need to learn how to operate at the cutting edge of this proven marketing tool.

To all the naysayers out there who downplay the role of direct mail, there are two standout points that they should be considering very closely from the DMA’s latest economic impact study:

  • As an industry, the amount spent on direct mail will rise by $1.1 billion this coming year (to $45.5 billion)
  • 2009 will mark the fifth year in which direct marketing has captured more than half of all advertising spend nationwide

As marketers are investing more in direct mail, one of the trends seen nationally is that they are providing more generous offers to increase response rates and drive more business from their increased investments.

Companies have also learned from their experience with email marketing and they are using analytics more effectively. They are targeting their customers more effectively through the use of advanced database modeling and they are using increasingly more sophisticated tracking tools to measure ROI.

Marketers also realize that electronic promotions now operate in a very crowded arena. Customers have multiple email accounts and receive communications through multiple social networking sites. Customers are inundated with electronic communications. All too often customers are deleting messages without a second thought. That means that your marketing message can be deleted (along with 30 others) with a single click. In the end, your low-cost e-marketing tool doesn’t generate any meaningful ROI because the response rates are so low.

With direct mail recipients at least sort through their mail as they shuffle towards the recycle bin. At a minimum you are certain that your target market sees your message.

E-marketing is a valuable tool and is here to stay. But savvy marketers are wise to stay engaged in direct mail.

Direct mail is on the rise because it has proven that when the right piece with the right offer hits the right customer at the right time marketers will make money.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.