2016 Spring Promotional Mailers

For retailers in most parts of the country, April represents the first big selling month of the year. The weather is warming up, new cyclists are feeling inspired, and committed cyclists are gearing up for a new season.

‭You run a great bike shop and you've built an excellent reputation in your market. You are going to have a sale this spring and want to start your season strong. You will send an email, make a Facebook post and you'll have a line of customers out the door -- right?

Wrong. It isn't that easy. You need to compete more aggressively than that for spending in today's bike market. There was a time when your best customers ‭bought the majority of their cycling gear from ‭your store. Today, customers shop multiple ‭local retailers and are spending even more online. You need to actively work for a share of ‭each customer’s spending if you want to grow. The day's of unlocking your door and waiting for customers is over.

That’s where Harvest can help.

At Harvest, our mission is to help independent retailers thrive. We have unmatched expertise in bicycle retail marketing. We are pros at helping bicycle retailers motivate customers ‭to shop locally. We use high quality direct mail with valuable coupons to attract customers and ‭help you grow your sales.

Direct mail drives customer traffic by putting a tangible marketing piece into the hands of potential buyers. The nation's best retailers use Harvest direct mail, and as you see in your own mailbox, most large non-bike retailers use direct mail too.

If you want to start your selling season off strong then you should order direct mail from Harvest today.

How Are You Going To Drive Traffic? 

How are you going to motivate customers to shop with you? Are you going to send an email and post on Facebook? Is that enough?

Email marketing is an essential tool for retailers. Email is an affordable way to consistently communicate marketing messages to your customers. We know all about email marketing, we send hundreds of promotional messages for the best retailers in the country each year. But the best retailers know that email marketing simply can't carry the primary burden of marketing a major sale event. Email simply doesn't make the same meaningful impact on your customers that a physical mailer does.

What about social media marketing? Facebook organic messages are quick and advertising is easier than ever. Anymore, your organic messages don't even reach your customers. Paying to boost your posts will increase your reach, but not with enough impact to drive meaningful store traffic. Social media marketing is a wonderful compliment to a marketing plan, but it isn't a plan on its own.

Direct Mail Demands Deeper Interaction

Direct mail is simply the most effective way for a retailer to put a marketing message directly into the hands of consumers. Much like email and social, direct mail gives you general branding and impressions. But direct mail goes further. The physical experience of interacting with your marketing in a tactile way makes a deeper impression on your customers. Your direct mail shows customers that there is something big happening at the bike shop.

How Effective Is Direct Mail?

With every direct mail project we measure return on investment. Virtually every project we track generates a positive ROI from transactions that are directly linked to the mailer with trackable coupons. We've seen ROI returns as high as 1200%. Recently, we dug deeper with one of our customers and found that 40% of the shoppers during their Spring Sale received a mailer. This was a multi-store retailer, and one of their locations saw 60% of their traffic come from mailer recipients. Can you count on your email marketing to make this big of an impact on your store traffic?

Let us help you market your business. We are confident that we can create an effective direct mail campaign that will drive traffic and help you grow your business.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.