Make Choosing YOU Easy For Your Customers

How do you spend your time on the Internet? Do you dig in and carefully consider the vast array of information available to you when searching for a new product or service? Or are you more likely to click on the first headline or call-to-action that accurately captures your immediate need or want?

Because to the amount of clutter and distraction on the internet, consumers have been conditioned to do the latter. With Google Search Ads, it is possible to stand out from the mess of status updates, photos, and top ten lists and to serve your customers the relevant information that they are seeking. With Google Search Ads, you can market to the intent of your potential customers.

What are Google Search Ads?

Google Search Ads allow you to target potential customers who are searching for your product. Unlike Google Display Ads, which appear when a customer is checking his email or reading the news, Google Search Ads appear on when a user is actively searching from products related to your business.

Google Search Ads provide consumers with the information that they want at the moment in which they want it -- at the moment that they have an intention to take action on a purchase.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Stop trying to guess what demographic categories your customers may fall into and target your ads to people who are self-identifying as interested cyclists. Place your message in front of the customer at the very moment that he or she is searching for “best bike shop” or “new bicycle” or “winter cycling jacket”. How’s that for cutting through the clutter?

Exposure Leads to Action

If you’ve configured your Google Search Ads effectively, you can benefit in two distinct ways. For customers in the beginning stages of their research, you gain brand awareness and exposure. For customers who are ready to make a purchase, you are positioned to close the sale by being in the right place at the right time with the right product.

Marketing with intent is one of the most valuable things a brand can do. By creating relevant campaigns for your specialized products and services, bike shops can both capture new customers and protect existing customers in a growing, competitive online marketplace.

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About The Author

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.