Clean Your Site Content for Better SEO

SEO Cleaning

If you’re interested in improving your site’s search ranking and increasing your web traffic, audit and update your content pages regularly. While the details of search engine algorithms are constantly changing, the keys to search engine optimization remain the same: quality, relevant content strengthens your site ranking, and poor-quality, outdated content weakens your ranking.

Remove Obsolete Content

If your site is cluttered with old product guides, descriptions of defunct programs, and Tour de France stage recaps from another era, then your website is suffering in search engine results (even if you also maintain fresh, relevant content on your site).

Search engine algorithms, such as Google Panda, scan sites for low-quality or unreadable content, which includes outdated or copied content, and deemphasizes these sites in its display results. Don’t let antiquated information overshadow the quality information that you do have on your site. More is not necessarily better for SEO.

Refresh Outdated Content

With a little effort, some of your older content may still be relevant and useful to your customers. Review your content pages and make sure that any products that you’ve listed are current, and that links lead to new items in your catalog. Update your events calendar; remove past events and information for group rides that no longer meet, and replace this content with upcoming events and links. Refresh dated images, and their corresponding tags and hyperlinks.

Add Fresh Content

While you’re auditing your site content, use the opportunity to add new content that will increase your success with search engines (but avoid keyword stuffing). By adding fresh hyperlinks, images, header tags, and bullet lists, you can make your pages more search engine friendly, and increase traffic to your site and your online store.

Continuously adding content to your site isn’t enough to drive traffic these days. To appear at the top of the rankings, it’s important to review all of your site’s content pages, get rid of the old, poor-quality pages, and focus on building and maintaining relevant, compelling content pages that both search engines and your customers will appreciate.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.