Increase Facebook Reach Using Your Email List

Facebook Target

To make the most of your holiday marketing efforts this year, work on building your Facebook audience now. With a large and focused following, your promotional messages can achieve maximum reach when the shopping season is in full swing.

Build A Lucrative Audience

Your email list is full of cyclists who have shopped in your store, attended your events, or visited you online - why not leverage this email list to increase your social media reach? Last week, we explained how Google allows you to target ads to your email subscribers; Facebook offers a similar feature with their Custom Audiences.

If you aren’t familiar with Custom Audiences, this feature allows you to create and save segments of Facebook users to advertise to. One way to create an audience is to upload your email list to target your customers with Facebook ads, including your customers who do not currently follow you on Facebook. Additionally, with Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature, you can discover and advertise to people who share traits with your existing email subscribers, increasing your targeted reach even further.

Once you’ve created your audiences, you can create ads to Promote Your Page and to attract more people to “Like” your business. With more followers, your organic and boosted post reach improves, greatly increasing the number of relevant people who will view your upcoming holiday posts.

Balanced Post Strategy

By using social media effectively now and throughout the holiday season, you can reach more potential shoppers in your market as you roll out your holiday campaigns. As your audience grows, be sure to offer fresh, relevant content to keep those new followers interested.

Create compelling social content that engages the visitors that your effective paid Facebook strategy brings to your page. Show local cyclists that you offer fun, informative and valuable content, and give them lots of reasons to return to your Facebook page and to visit your shop this holiday season.

Let Us Help

We believe that social media is an effective way to grow your audience and to deliver your holiday messaging to an engaged, self-selected following. From planning your social media strategy to setting up and monitoring your targeted ads, let us help you reach new customers and drive traffic to your site and your stores this holiday season.

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Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.