Holiday Mailers Drive Store Traffic

Harvest Holiday Mailers

End your year with a strong December. Whether you are supporting a factory sale or developing your own promotion, Harvest Retail Marketing is your ideal partner.

Why You Should Have A Holiday Sale

Your customers are spending money on gifts and on themselves this holiday season. You need to compete to capture a portion of that spending. If you have a well thought out and implemented marketing plan then you are giving your business every opportunity to succeed. Whereas dealers who do no marketing or rely on limited online marketing efforts are leaving their December results to chance.

At Harvest, our mission is to help independent bicycle retailers thrive. We work with many of the nation's best dealers, and we have unmatched expertise in bicycle retail marketing. One of the most effective tools our clients use is direct mail. Direct mail drives customer traffic by putting a tangible marketing piece into the hands of potential buyers. The nation's best independent bicycle retailers use Harvest direct mail, and as you see in your own mailbox, most large non-bike retailers use direct mail too.

If you want to have a successful Holiday Sale, then you should order direct mail from Harvest today.

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Now Serving All Retailers

We recently announced that we will begin offering our services to all US independent bicycle retailers beginning with the 2015 holiday marketing season. We have extensive experience marketing non-Trek brands since many of Harvest's existing customers carry Specialized, Giant or Cannondale brands. If you are a non-Trek retailer, we encourage you to set up a no-obligation consultation to see if Harvest direct mail is right for you.

Trek Promotion & Trek Connect

As of the writing of this post (October 12, 2015) Trek's marketing team has notified Harvest that Trek Holiday graphics are only available to Trek Connect retailers. If you are a Trek retailer participating in the Trek Connect retail marketing program, we have access to Trek source graphics and can build customized mailers to match this marketing program. If you are a Trek retailer NOT participating in Trek Connect, we have alternative Holiday themes available and of course can design custom graphics.

How Are You Going To Drive Traffic? 
Mailer Options

How are customers going to know about your deals? Are you going to send an email and post on Facebook? Is that enough? We don't think so. You should send direct mail.

Email marketing is an essential tool for retailers. It is an affordable way to consistently communicate marketing messages to your customers. But most emails today become background noise for your customers. The average consumer receives over 15 promotional emails each day. You see in your own email statistics that your messages predictably only reach a fraction of people on your list. Email marketing simply can't carry the primary burden of marketing a major sale event.

What about social media marketing? Social is easy to implement, with Facebook being the primary tool used by retailers and the most popular network for consumers. But Facebook has made it harder and harder for messages to effectively reach consumers without investing in paid "boosting" of posts. Even with a boost, you are still just one or hundreds of social messages a consumer sees in a day. You can't count on social to drive significant store traffic when used alone.

Direct Mail Demands Deeper Interaction

Direct mail is simply the most effective way for a retailer to put a marketing message directly into the hands of customers. Much like email and social, direct mail gives you general branding and impressions. But direct mail goes further. The physical experience of interacting with your marketing in a tactile way makes a deeper impression on your customers. Your direct mail shows customers that there is something big happening at the bike shop.

How Effective Is Direct Mail?

With every direct mail project we measure return on investment. Virtually every project we track generates a positive ROI from transactions that are directly linked to the mailer with trackable coupons. We've seen ROI returns as high as 1200%.

Direct mail is a proven tool for retailers to target their most loyal customers. You likely see in your own mailbox that the businesses you patronize send you direct mail. Why? Because these businesses know that in order to compete for your ongoing spending they need to put tangible messages into your hands frequently so when you are ready to make your next purchase they are at the top of your mind. They also know that marketing to loyal customers is the best way to maximize ROI.


Recently, we dug deeper with one of our customers and found that 40% of the shoppers during their sale received a mailer. This was a multi-store retailer, and one of their locations saw 60% of their traffic come from mailer recipients. Can you count on your email marketing to make this big of an impact on your store traffic?

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Marketing Experts For Independent Retailers

We will help you build a mailer that gets more of your customers into your store ready to buy. We are the nation's premier experts at helping independent bicycle retailers market their stores, because that is what we do full time all year for the nation's biggest and best retailers. Let our team design and build your custom promotional materials. Our production standards are exceptional, our customer sorting system is unmatched and our consultative ability will give you peace of mind that you will achieve your best possible success during this sale.

Your store has unique needs, which is why we want to talk with you about your options. Please setup a no-obligation consultation and allow us to explain how direct mail can help you finish your year with a great December.

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Ryan Atkinson

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