Why Market My Bike Shop In October?

Fall Loyalty Mailers

We've been talking to retailers across the country over the last couple of weeks and we've encountered this question over and over. On one hand, we aren't surprised -- but on the other hand, we believe it should make perfect sense.

The Default Perspective

Retailers with a four-season market are transitioning from their busy summer season into their winter season. The only bright spot they are used to seeing between October and March is a small sales increase during December for the holidays. The monthly chart of sales has looked the same year-after-year since they opened their store. October is one of the slowest months of the year.

If this is you, what have you ever done to try to counteract that trend? Chances are -- very little. You've come to accept as fact that October is slow, you have it built into your budget and you are willing to wait it out.

Plus, you are burned out. You've been going full speed for six months and you are ready for a breather. I totally get that. But what would feel better, a little breather or a positive number at the bottom of the P&L for October?

Retailers in southern markets are entering the best time of year for riding. You haven't considered marketing in October because the suppliers typically ignore your needs so much marketing is built around spring, summer and holiday. You haven't considered that a little extra motivation for your customers could encourage them to do their buying with you instead of your competition.

What We Believe

October could be one of the most overlooked opportunities of your year.

  • Your sales floor is filling up with brand new product.
  • You have the hottest new bikes that are being heavily marketed by suppliers.
  • Fall apparel is in-stock and the bill is coming due soon.
  • Days are getting shorter and customers need lights -- a category with lots of exciting new product.
  • Your sales team has TIME to spend with customers. You can SELL more EFFECTIVELY.

If you market now in a meaningful way that gets your best customers into your store, you have a ton of opportunities to convert that traffic into sales. Even if you don't land that big bike sale, your best sales people gave a local pitch on the latest technology that hopefully plant the seed of interest in your customers' mind that will lead to a sale in the spring.

For year-round markets, you can wait until the holiday season to do your marketing, but that is a crowded marketing space when your customers are getting bombarded with messages while their disposable income is lower than ever. Use October marketing to boost customer traffic.

Take Action Now

We have a great product available right now that can help you increase your customer traffic in October. Our Fall Loyalty Mailers are plastic gift-card-style mailers with a highly effective coupon offer that proven over-and-over again this year to drive customers into the store and produce a positive ROI. 

There is only one week left to order, so act fast in order in order to get the most out of your opportunities in October.

About The Author

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.