New Plastic Loyalty Mailers Are Here

Harvest Loyalty Mailers

The retail environment has changed and your best customers are spending their cycling dollars in more and more places today than they were ten years ago. You need to compete for their attention, their business and their loyalty.

Our Loyalty Mailers offer a simple solution.

Available three times each year, they are designed to increase traffic from your best customers during non-sale times.

Customer Loyalty Is Crucial

You can't grow your brick-and-mortar store if you don't have customers coming through your door. And those customers are being bombarded with discount messaging from your local and online competitors 24/7. You can complain all you want about the "race to the bottom", but while you are complaining your customers are spending their money somewhere else.

Have you noticed your accessory sales declining as a percent of your overall business? If so, it is likely because your customers are buying their bikes from you and then accessorizing online.

Are you tired of developing a customer only to hang your head when they upgrade their bike at a local competitor who prices his bikes lower than you do? You may have had a better chance to get that sale if the customer saw that you were always competing for their business.

Do you wonder how much of your database is stale because customers haven't come in and shopped with you in over a year? Find out who has potential to grow as a customer by enticing them to come back to your store.

Act Now To Try In Your Market

These are all reasons to consider testing our Loyalty Mailers in your market. Give us an opportunity to talk with you about how this product can work for you.

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What if I don't have a Loyalty Program?

If you don't have a program, then our Loyalty and Promotional Mailers are your program. Simply tell your customers that you send your frequent shoppers regular incentives when they provide their complete contact information - including home address and email. Running your loyalty program this way allows you to:

  1. Turn it on and off whenever you want
  2. Doesn't have any administrative hassle
  3. Doesn't cost you anything more than sending a mailer whenever you want to increase foot traffic

Does this work with my current Loyalty Program?

If you have a current loyalty program, let us help you promote it with our Loyalty Mailers. With redemption rates as high as 21% you can get an immediate reaction from customers who may or may not see your regular loyalty emails. These plastic cards are very attention getting and are sure to add value to the program you have already invested in.

How are Loyalty Mailers different?

We've taken one of our best performing Promotional Mailers and are now offering it at non-sale times. Loyalty Mailers use our plastic gift-card style mailers. These mailers have generated up to a 21% redemption rate, and consistently perform above 10%. Their higher perceived value makes them ideal tools to increase your business from core customers by driving traffic from proven spenders when your store is priced at full retail. Same tool. Different tactic.

Why would I want to send a mailer when there isn't a sale?

Sale events are still a prime time for sending mailers because you can pass along factory direct savings to your customers so you can increase store traffic an maintain margin. But Trek only has three promotional events each year and you need to drive traffic all of the time. Each season has a different need, but you should always be marketing to your best customers to increase your share of their cycling spending.

When do customers get Loyalty Mailers?

We have options to deliver in early June, early October and late January - all critical times for a seasonal bike shop and relevant for all markets. In June the season is heating up and you want to capture as much of the cycling spending that happening in your market as possible. October and January/February are low foot traffic times when you want customers with the highest likelihood of spending coming into your store shopping. There is no annual commitment so you can send Loyalty Mailers whenever you want. Pick one time to test, and if it works, maybe increase your frequency.

Which of my customers do I send Loyalty Mailers to?

We generally have two options, customer loyalty targeting and customer recovery targeting. Customer loyalty is designed to drive the maximum amount of foot traffic to your store by mailing to customers who have shopped recently, live within close proximity to your store(s) and have compelling transactional metrics. Customer recovery is designed to recover business from good customers who have not shopped with you recently by mailing to customers who have compelling transactional metrics but have not shopped with you in over 9 months. Either data-driven option can be customized based on your specific needs.

    Do I send these instead of Promotional Mailers?

    We think that you should build your mailer plan using a mix of our products so that you have mailers in your customers' hands when you most want their business. If your selling season is only five months long, then do everything you can to drive traffic during that time. If you want to increase sales during your slowest months then invest in your marketing then. If you only want to promote major sale events then that's ok. But direct mail has proven over and over again that it has the power to deliver results - when you want to drive traffic then use it.

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