Online Vs Offline Shopping Statistics

Online vs Offline Shopping

Omni-channel retail is the current winning strategy that successful Trek retailers should pursue. This infographic helps gives some context for you in how your customers may behave and why having a rockstar website showing your endless selection can help your business.

According to this infographic using Forrester Research, more or less people are using both online shopping and offline shopping equally today. 45% of the consumers are shopping online and 55% prefer the brick and mortar purchase.

People are using web as a virtual window shopping and then buying at the products in a store. This preference is also based on gender. 71% women research online before buying offline as compared to 52% men. The reasons people opt for offline shopping after online research are (1) they don't want to wait for the product (2) they want to see the product in person before buying it. Because of this trend, cross-channel commerce is set to grow 5 times the size of e-commerce by 2015.

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Ryan Atkinson

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