Twitter Profile Changing Soon

As Facebook continues to make changes that impact small businesses, there is now an increasing need to diversify your shop’s social media presence.

If you are already on Twitter, there are some changes coming down the pike that you should be aware of. If you haven't jumped Twitter yet, then the media buzz around this change will likely drive renewed interest, making it the perfect time for you to get on board.

Here is a brief summary of the upcoming changes. In terms of action items for you, notice that you will likely want to address your Profile and Header images because specs are changing.

Profile & Formatting Changes

Under the new rollout of Twitter changes, users will be able to use a larger profile picture, as well as a custom cover photo (header image) that will span the width of your computer’s browser (similar to Facebook’s profile pages).

Real-Time Web Notifications

If you're familiar with the chat feature on Facebook, this new feature Twitter is rolling out will not be all that different. Under the old format, a direct message (DM) sent through Twitter could easily be missed, a challenge for businesses trying to stay on top of their communications with customers and prospects. The new format involves a real-time pop up that notifies the user any time someone sends a DM, or replies to, favorites or retweets something of theirs.

Tweet Changes

How users will view your tweets will also change with the new format. For instance, tweets that have received a higher level of engagement will appear in larger font, making it easier for visitors to locate your best content. Additionally, you will be able to pin your best tweets to the top of your page so that new visitors will see them right away.

Filtered Views

Another upcoming change to Twitter is how you view other peoples’ tweets on their profiles. The new format will allow you to filter tweets to see only those with photos/videos or those that have received replies. Or, if you prefer, you can keep it so that you see all tweets posted by that particular user.

The important thing to point out is that while the look and feel of Twitter may be getting a makeover, the way it works will remain very much the same. You'll still see tweets fed through in chronological order and be able to share your relevant news and updates with your followers in 140 characters or less.

The changes have already begun rolling out to certain segments of users and should be fully implemented over the next few weeks; however, if you're new to Twitter you'll get the new look right away.

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