2014 Bike Market Trends

Bicycle Market TrendsOn Friday, the Harvest team gathered to discuss some recent articles on the state of the bike market. Most importantly, we were together to discuss how we can help our clients thrive.

Roughly midway through 2012 we began seeing store traffic number decline for many of our retailers. There weren't any red flags at the time because that Spring had been a great sales environment and it is normal that after a good Spring, sales for the rest of the year will be suppressed. The downturn continued into the Fall, which we attributed to Lance being in the headlines for the wrong reasons, election year rhetoric and nationwide economic malaise.

When the underwhelming Spring of 2013 transitioned into an overall flat year, we began having more thoughtful discussions with our clients about the potential causes. Up until recently most sources and experts pointed at the weather as the primary culprit. And with luck, that will be true. But recently there have been some interesting articles that discuss possible trends that may be contributing a flat market. Possibly weather is just a short term issue isolated from longer term trends that will demand change at the retail level. 

We are not worried. We are excited. Because armed with information we can make plans. We can implement, measure and refine ideas to see what works. We are lucky to have progressive and ambitious clients across the country who are willing to take chances to discover the techniques and messaging that will help them stay ahead of a changing market. We are not going to make the mistake of taking these articles as gospel, but we are grateful for the insights that they offer.

We look forward to a great 2014. We believe that Trek dealers should approach the Spring selling season with a proactive marketing plan to bring customers into the store. We believe that we are positioned to help better than any other marketing partners. Our best opportunity to help will be in supporting Trek Fest.

We encourage you to put Harvest direct mail into your Trek Fest plans. We will have information available February 18 about the tools we will have available.

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Ryan Atkinson

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