Thank You For a Great 2013

There is no way for the Harvest Team to adequately thank Trek Bicycle and the wonderful network of independent Trek Bicycle dealers for their generosity and support this year.

As a company, Harvest has been blessed with so many opportunities to serve. We've built amazing relationships with clients that we hope will last for years. Our relationship with the team at Trek has matured and we are so proud of what that partnership has become.

2013 was a difficult year in the bike industry. Many of our clients trended with the industry as a whole and had flat or slightly down years. Nobody has a clear picture of precisely why 2013 was difficult, but most point to the weather. We expect to see more demographic and market shifts reveal themselves as possible causes, and we hope to be a part of building a solid future for Trek retailers in a changing market.

For Harvest, we saw our growth slow along with the bike industry. But we see this as an opportunity to embrace or current company profile and invest in becoming even better at what we do best.

We've got a clear plan for our company's future, we have the right team in place, the right industry partnership and a generous group of dedicated clients who will be alongside us as we tackle the challenges that 2014 hold.

Thanks again,

Ryan Atkinson
President of Harvest Retail Marketing

About The Author

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.