Get a Piece of the Cyber Monday Pie

Customers are shopping on Cyber Monday and if you are competing to grow your online business you could be missing out if you don’t jump on the proverbial Cyber Monday band wagon. It doesn’t take a big investment, but here are some reasons why you should take the time.



Why is Cyber Monday popular with customers?

You can’t ignore the numbers

According to a report by IBM, sales on Cyber Monday 2012 increased by 30.3% from 2011. In addition, ComScore collected data showing that Cyber Monday 2012 was the highest online spending day in history.

Customers love saving money

Although things are looking up for the economy, many people are remaining relatively frugal with their spending. Because of this, consumers are going to be much more likely to make a buying decision on something they feel is a good deal, especially when it involves high-dollar purchases. But you already knew that.

Customers can shop from anywhere and get savings

If you don’t have Black Friday off from work you will miss out on almost all of the possible sales going on for Black Friday. Online, customer can shop when they want and where they want.

Now that we have convinced you of the importance of participating in Cyber Monday to drive holiday sales, let’s go over a few of the projected trends for 2013 so you can be a Cyber Monday marketing guru.

Give the People their Discounts! ...but which ones?

Of course the main reason people will shop the Monday after Thanksgiving is for the deals. But depending on the type of items they are purchasing some of the discounts available will be worth more to them than others. For items that might be expensive to ship, buyers will be looking for a Free Shipping offer. For a high dollar item they will likely be more apt to buy something that is 20% off. Many merchants are offering discounts for purchases over a certain dollar amount or only on specific brands or products. Understanding which tactic will drive your particular audience is the key to making sure any money you spend on Cyber Monday advertising will be worth the investment.

People are researching their purchases already

By already we mean right now, today, this instant! One of the main shopping tactics that has carried over from the Black Friday craze is the research that takes place before people make buying decisions. Studies of Cyber Monday 2012 show that internet traffic was high throughout the entire weekend, but the majority of online shoppers waited until Monday to check out. That means that it isn’t necessarily best to wait on sending out your sales message right before the clock strikes Midnight. Consumers can already go to sites like and see what major retailers have in store for their big Monday sale to plot their purchasing plans, so if you want to be part of that plan it might be best to get your message out sooner than later. Black Friday is known for early risers and 4 AM crowds, but Cyber Monday is the literal opposite. Last season, most purchases took place between 3:00 PM and 11:00 PM. Purchasing activity in 2012 peaked at 9:00 PM, with sales averaging 104% higher than Black Friday at the same hour. Based on this information it will be important to plan accordingly on whether all U.S. time zones or just your local time zone will have access to your Cyber Monday deals until Midnight on Monday so that you don't miss out on some last minute shoppers from out of town. As with any major sale, Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to drive holiday sales numbers, but it is also a great opportunity to get new customers “in your doors”. Although they may never actually step foot in your shop during Cyber Monday, new customers will likely be experiencing their first impression of your business. It will be very important to make sure that your website is working efficiently and plans are in place to troubleshoot so that every buyer who chooses your store has the best experience possible. Now is the time to contact Harvest to place orders for Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Holiday Sale e-marketing. We can support Trek retailers with graphics for SmartEtailing websites, as well as any email marketing platform and popular social media platforms.

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