2016 Summer Promotional Mailers

In many parts of the country bicycle sales have fluctuated wildly with each change in the weather. One month is up, another is down. There are a few good selling months left with what will hopefully be predictable weather. Every bike shop in your area will be scrambling to capture as much consumer spending as possible. This is your opportunity to get a leg up.

There are going to be deals on bikes this summer. Consumers are going to be spending. Most bike shops will rely on an email blast or two, and maybe a Facebook post to promote their deals. Succeeding in today's market isn't that easy. You need to compete more aggressively for consumer spending. That’s where Harvest can help.

At Harvest, our mission is to help independent retailers thrive. We have unmatched expertise in bicycle retail marketing. We are pros at helping bicycle retailers motivate customers ‭to shop locally. We use high quality direct mail with valuable coupons to attract customers and ‭help you grow your sales.

Direct mail drives customer traffic by putting a tangible marketing piece into the hands of potential buyers. The nation's best retailers use Harvest direct mail, and as you see in your own mailbox, most large non-bike retailers use direct mail too.

Let us help you market your business. We are confident that we can create an effective direct mail campaign that will drive traffic and help you grow your business.

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About The Author

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan Atkinson

Ryan is a proven marketing professional who entered the cycling industry in 1994.